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Guasha, is using a Guasha pad to scraping the skin that is coated with massage oil (we don’t do dry skin guasha, that’s not authentic TCM and we don’t like that). Guasha helps to regulate the Ying Qi (营气the vessel that governs blood) and Wei Qi (卫气the vessel that governs the skin barrier), gathering more blood flow to the locate area, in order to detox, as well as promote micro circulation, relax muscle, and de-swollen puffiness, to help with the pain and other un-comfortableness.

You can also use Guasha as a wellness promotion technique to improve your health. In the summer time, since we have a lot of heat, you can use Guasha to help to get the damp out of body, like detox. In the winter time you can use guasha to release the cold residues in your channels to experience more energy and refresh too.